Protein Chips Sour Cream - High Protein Iced Coffee mocha - H24 Achieve Protein Bars Dark Chocolate


Protein Chips Sour Cream - High Protein Iced Coffee mocha - H24 Achieve Protein Bars Dark Chocolate



Taking on a healthy and active lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to eat bland meals and say goodbye to snacks. Opt for our nutritious snacking options with this Snack Pack, containing Protein Chips, High Protein Iced Coffee and H24 Achieve Bars. With all products you have the choice of two delicious flavours. 

  • Protein Chips have 50% less fat than fried potato chips because we never fry them. We pop them with heat to give you a savoury treat with a satisfying crunch. They are available in two tantalising flavours and are gluten-free. Every pack of barbecue flavoured Protein Chips contains 11 g of plant-based protein and is suitable for vegans, while every pack of sour cream and onion flavoured Protein Chips contains 12 g of protein and is suitable for vegetarians. 
  • Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, a regular gym-goer or a performance athlete, you need sports nutrition that supports you through every moment. That’s why we created H24 Achieve Protein Bars in two flavours: Dark Chocolate or Cookie Dough. They are a convenient post-workout treat that contains 21 grams of protein per bar. Each protein bar is available in a decadent, with no artificial flavours, colours and are suitable for vegetarians! 
  • We took two ingredients we all know and love – protein and coffee – and blended them to create a drink that’s deliciously refreshing! Whether you are on-the-go, or just need a caffeine boost, reach for a glass of refreshing High Protein Iced Coffee! It’s expertly blended with 100% Robusta espresso coffee beans and has 15g of whey protein for an authentic taste that’s bold and won’t compromise your nutritional goals. It has no added sugar, no colours or preservatives and is only 80kcal per serving. Available in delicious Mocha and Latte Macchiato flavours.
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